Elision Quintet Signed to Whirlwind Recordings & Tour Set for 2015

Very happy to announce that Hayden Prosser's Elision Quintet has been signed to major UK-based independent music label Whirlwind Recordings, with both a recording and release set for 2015. 

The band will also be touring in Spring 2015 and will feature esteemed musicians from the London music scene with Duncan Eagles on tenor saxophone, Alam Nathoo on tenor saxophone, Sam Leak on piano and Dave Hamblett on drums. 

New Release - 'Sin Aperture' by James Wesley Adams

A new collaborative album by James Wesley Adams. It features 52 musicians of 16 nationalities and was composed, recorded and mixed in 15 countries. Hayden is featured on 3 of the 11 tracks (including the tune Big Words). More info: http://jameswesleyadams.bandcamp.com/album/sin-aperture

Announcing Elision Quintet

A new project featuring Hayden's original compositions, played by some of London's best jazz musicians of the new generation with Duncan Eagles, tenor sax; Alam Nathoo, tenor sax; Sam Leak, piano; Dave Hamblett, drums; Hayden Prosser, bass. The demo album is featured above.

More updates on the project and 2015 Spring tour coming soon.