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With an interest in the space between multiple strains of acoustic and electronic music alongside an attentiveness to composition, double bassist and composer Hayden Prosser performs with artists who are on the forefront of creative improvised music. 

Hayden’s latest project Tether (Whirlwind Recordings) features original compositions for quartet with the debut release set for May 2017. Other projects include a duo with vocals and a collaborative electro-acoustic project featuring two drummers. Born in England in 1990, he is currently based in Berlin.

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Born in 1990 in the scenic county of Somerset, England, Hayden developed a passion for experimental music in his younger years which continued during his time at Middlesex University in London, where he studied jazz. He developed his style of double bass playing under guidance of, amongst others, musicians Stuart Hall, Chris Batchelor and Michael Janisch. After a brief time performing in bands of other musical styles, including music of the Balkans and Moroccan music, Hayden returned to performing and composing in jazz and improvised settings, usually in small band arrangements. With an avid interest in many acoustic and electronic musics, Hayden often hears music without the more rigid confines that style names would suggest, sighting musicians Craig Taborn, Drew Gress, Tim Berne, Ralph Alessi, Arnold Schoenberg, Boards of Canda, Autechre, Plaid amongst others as inspiration. 

Due to the universities openness to experimentation and lack of a ‘house style’, Hayden was given freedom to explore his own creative processes and the relationships between improvisation and composition. Later, as part of his continuation of exploring the double bass and composition, Hayden took up studying over duration with two esteemed New York musicians, Drew Gress and Chris Lightcap, with whom he shares an affinity of musical language.

During studies with renown US bassist Michael Janisch, and on hearing Hayden’s compositions, Hayden was offered to record for Michael’s London based label Whirlwind Recordings. After a move to Berlin in 2015, Hayden formed a quartet and recorded his pieces with Elias Stemeseder (Jim Black Trio), Philipp Gropper (Hyperactive Kid) and Max Santner (Philipp Harnisch Quartet) with the release set for May 2017.

In August 2017, Hayden attended SIM (School for Improvised Music) led by US trumpeter Ralph Alessi and taught by many leading improvising musicians including Tim Berne, Drew Gress, Michael Formanek, Michaël Attias, Ben Monder, David Torn, Tom Rainey, Gerald Cleaver and Tony Malaby.

Hayden has performed at many UK venues, including The Vortex and Royal College of Music, and during his time in London was often featured in the house band at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, as well as having toured with bands throughout the UK and Europe. He has performed with, amongst others, Elias Stemeseder, Philipp Gropper, Max Santner, Bernhard Meyer, Tobias Christl, Otis Sandsjö, Alam Nathoo, Duncan Eagles, Dave Hamblett, Binker Golding, Sam leak, Shirley Tetteh, Andy Ball, Artie Zaitz.